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Kroger Campaign Enrollment

The Kroger Community Rewards (KCR) program. The Atlanta Division launched the program in September 1, 2013 and Card holders must enroll to begin accumulating dollars for their organizations annually.  This year, Kroger is proud to donate $600,000 to local nonprofits through this Kroger Plus Card based fundraiser. 

Register your Kroger Plus Card online or at the Service Desk in your nearest Kroger location.
You must enter our NPO # 29024 or search for D.C. Express Track Club, click and confirm.​

Past programs of this nature tend to lose their impact over long periods of time. Participants need to have an active role in order for the program to continue to be effective and engage our customers.

Thank you and happy shopping!

As a development/competitive program, we require uniforms, equipment, and normal operating expenses.  All coaches are volunteers.  Each athlete is charged a fee to participate in the USA Track & Field program.  To that end, we may have kids who will need monetary assistance by way of a"sponsor or donation" to participate in our program. 

 It is only through your support and generosity that the D.C. Express Track Club, Inc will be able to achieve its goal of enhancing lives and communities through track & field.

 D.C. Express Track Club, Inc. is recognized as a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization by the IRS.  

 We appreciate any support you, your business or organization can provide.

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