“Nominate an Inductee for the 2017 D.C. Express Hall of Fame”

Recognize someone who has contributed to the Club or the community by nominating him or her for the 2017 D.C. Express Hall of Fame!

The deadline is May 15, 2017.

And, mark your calendars for an Alumni/End-of-the-Season Celebration the afternoon of August 12, 2017. 

2017 Hall of Fame Committee Nominations

The D.C. Express Track Club invites nominations of athletes, coaches, administrators, and supporters who, based on outstanding achievement or contribution, would be eligible to be inducted into the 2017 Class of the D.C. Express Track Club Hall of Fame.

The D.C. Express Track Club Hall of Fame was established in 2009, the 25th year of the organization, to recognize those individuals who have made impressive contributions to the club by virtue of their athletic and academic accomplishments while participating in the program, or on the collegiate level; or for their contributions to youth development, or support of the club; or as alumni who have gone on to produce successful careers as model citizens and significant contributors to the betterment of society.

The D.C. Express Hall of Fame Selection Committee members are: Eric O’Brien - Chair, Sinclair Griffin, Tisha (Prather) Wiggins and Wendy Collins. Committee members were chosen because of their experience and familiarity with D.C. Express Track Club, with each being a former athlete, Hall of Fame Inductee, board member, or supporter of the club. Committee members are responsible for reviewing all the nomination applications and selecting the inductees for the 2017 Class of D.C. Express Hall of Fame. This year’s honorees will be inducted August 12, 2017 in conjunction with the D.C. Express Track Club End-of-the-Season Celebration.

The deadline for nominations is May 15, 2017. Nomination applications can be submitted via email to dcexpresstc@bellsouth.net.

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